1. Oh Captain, My Captain.

    "I’m a dreamer by default. Practicality never really was suited to my taste. And I’d be damn regretful if I made most of my life decisions out of fear. I’m human, so I’ve made a few. But I’m blessed to know that I continue to choose the life that makes me happy. And I stand by my decision to leave the people and things that don’t serve me anymore. I’m sick of all the bullshit conformity turns people into. It just makes you invisible. I’m not one to say, "Do what you love." Instead, I tell people to protect what they love. Let go of your ego and whatever it will try to do to satisfy the critiques of others. Don’t spend your life searching for a power you already have. Spend your life bringing that power out of you and sharing it with the world."



  3. I’m horrible at posting class footage, but here’s one from my Monday beginning Hip Hop class at 5pm @questdancestudio :)


  4. DancingFreeman

         It’s been a couple of years since I’ve actually used a Tumblr. So much has happened to me in that short amount of time. And I feel like I’ve learned more than I could have ever imagined, during that time span. Everything that has changed, and everything I plan to accomplish, has led me to start using this platform again. A new chapter in my life has started. And I’m here to document and share how it continues. 


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